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Shanshan Feng golf champion is the new Omega Ambassador

Omega is proud to announce that the Chinese golfer Shanshan Feng comes to join the family of brand ambassadors. She finds so other professionals of the discipline: Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie.

In 2012, Shanshan Feng won the highly coveted LPGA Championship and became the first Chinese golfer to win a major title © Omega

Shanshan Feng is one of the most exciting professional golfers in the world. She became the first Chinese player exempt from qualifications on the LPGA tour, which she has since proved one of the most formidable competitors. In 2012, the talented 23-year-old girl won the highly coveted LPGA Championship with two-shot victory and became the first Chinese golfer to win a major title. To be more fair to all golfers and from mainland China, it was the first to accomplish such a feat.

This victory, which include five championship trophies that she won in 2012, secured him a solid place among the best golfers and it currently ranks sixth worldwide. Shanshan Feng began playing golf as a youngster. His father, who worked for his hometown of Guangzhou golf club, took him on the course at the age of ten years.

Omega is very proud that this exceptional competitor, whose smile lights up all routes that it crowd foot, join the ambassadors golfers of the brand family. Omega is looking forward to celebrating with Shanshan Feng podiums and victories that it will add to its already very impressive on the golf course.

Golf has become a very popular sport in China and the craze continues to grow. Omega is delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate each of the victories of Shanshan with fans in his homeland. Present in China for more than a century, the mark occupies a leading position in the segment of luxury watches. As a brand Ambassador, Shanshan Feng will strengthen the notoriety of, in particular within the millions of Chinese golf lovers.

The city of Nashville, Tennessee is known worldwide for its music industry and its countless recording studios found everywhere in the metropolitan area and especially with an area nicknamed "Music Row". A hot day in June, in a quiet street in a few minutes from the agreements of pedal steel guitars and violins, an Oscar-winning actress was photographed by one of the best fashion photographers in the world... For Omega.

Behind the scenes of the campaign Ladymatic with Nicole Kidman and Peter Lindbergh Nicole Kidman, who resides in Nashville in the United States part of the year, there was photographed by Peter Lindbergh as part of an advertising campaign promoting the new line of Omega Ladymatic watches.

Lindbergh, described as the "glamour poet", is one of the most respected photographers in the world. For thirty years, his work is published by the most important fashion magazines and regularly signed the most influential advertising campaigns for major fashion designers.

Commenting on the photographs of the Ladymatic campaign, Lindbergh said: "this was a nice project. Nicole and I had already worked together and are very easy one with the other. For the campaign of watches, we could be fun and the result seems to perfectly support the product. An advertising image must operate at two levels: it must be artistically expressive but must also fulfil its function. I think that these photographs with Nicole meet these two criteria.

Nicole Kidman, who had already been photographed by Lindbergh, was thrilled to have the chance to be again. "I just love Peter" she said. "He is very smart and really knows how to work with the movement, which is important for me. I do not like photographers who need lot of time to make their photographs. "I love the spontaneity and feel free.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the two professionals have worked in both net and simple surroundings, and both were satisfied with the result. Nicole Kidman, who had asked if there was a part of game of actress in these photo shoots, replied with a laugh: "I still feel that I play to disguise myself.

The question of whether this name (Ladymatic) and these ads could appeal to women today, Nicole Kidman noted: "there is something attractive in this type of communication. There is a fascination with this time and these ads may be playful without being retrograde. The Ladymatic line represents the tip of the watchmaking technology and this campaign is actually a kind of wink".


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